Collection: Other Pets

I bet you didn't know that Quistel's natural, organic grooming products could also be used on other pets such as Rabbits, Birds and Guinea Pigs to name just a few!

We're going to be introducing more and more products for other pets such as our New Lotion Spray for birds... so keep your eye out for more exciting Quistel products!



    I discovered this ear cleaner around 12 years ago when we had a new puppy who
    kept scratching her ears. It sorted her out within a week. I’ve used this ever
    since with other dogs when necessary. It really is the best stuff! – Sheila


    Amazing product used on a setter with a pseudomonas ear
    infection, his ears cleared up completely and after using regularly as a wash
    he never had ear trouble again!

    – Debbie


    I’ve been in the dog grooming profession for 35 years and
    this is by far the most impressive, effective ear cleaner I’ve come across in
    that time. Absolutely superb!

    – John