Naturally Happy Dogs

How many of you have heard about Naturally Happy Dogs?

It's a brilliant online video dog magazine that provides you with information and resources on dog behaviour, training, health, well-being and much more...all in video format. 

The great thing about this is that in addition to some great information they can offer helpful visuals on any dog related area. 

Want to know about training?  See training techniques broken down into easy to follow steps ( 

What’s hydrotherapy?  See a session take place ( 

Want advice and information on grooming?  See Dog Groomer Trevor Pearman in action (  

Whatever you want to know, they’ve got it covered and if they haven’t, just let us know and they’ll make sure they will cover it in future issues.

So what are you waiting for... check out Naturally Happy Dogs!

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Our pets are our family, too. When we were kids my parents adopted &#1e#0;retir2d&28228; greyhounds. They were/are the best dogs. So sweet, gentle, and total slaves to comfort. They usually get “retired” fairly young. The last one we had was two years old when we got her. She was pretty old when my oldest daughter was born, greying at the muzzle, but she was so protective of that little baby. Mack was like one of her pups.


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