Enjoy The Heatwave... But Remember Dogs, Sun & Cars Don't Mix

We're enjoying some amazing weather here in UK for a change... finally, after what seems like years, we're having lots and lots of lovely sunshine... a proper British summer!

Your pets, as I'm sure you all know can struggle with the heat and when we have a heatwave like this its really important to keep them cool, give them plenty of water, keep them in the shade and only walk your dogs in the cooler parts of the day.

The other thing that's very important to remember, is that you can never leave a dog alone in the car in this weather... not for a few minutes, not if you leave the windows open... never.  Cars in this weather get incredibly hot, very quickly and open windows will not cool a car sufficiently... so its just not worth taking the risk.

It's great to have this lovely weather and it gives us all an opportunity to spend more time outside to enjoy time with our families, friends and pets.... so enjoy sun, be careful and have a great weekend!




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